Ray Tiller

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Kerry Hutton

Principal, Ballarat Christian College

​Ray Tiller answered the call in August 2007 to be the main speaker and leader in our inaugural Staff Retreat.  Ray’s brief was to introduce the staff to a framework for Christian Worldview.  After a highly successful retreat, Ray was invited to address the Board of Directors and conduct a follow up day at the beginning of 2008 to enable the staff to move ahead with the substantial task of adding a third (Christian) dimension – Ray’s words – to our rewritten curriculum.

Ray was well received by staff as author and practitioner.  Ray’s practical approach, yet one with a well-articulated theological underpinning, to the whole area of articulating a Christian Worldview through and across a school’s curriculum, posed solutions and challenges to a staff wanting to make its curriculum ‘more Christian’.  Subsequent development work in the school, and regular revisitations (and analysis) of Ray’s text, (now titled Rubber on the Road Christian Thinking), continues to focus our College on the stuff of life…how to transmit the Gospel successfully and interestingly through the curriculum. 

Ray Tiller is a consummate professional, with the added dimension of a depth of theology which not only underpins his work with teachers, but affords a level of credibility when tackling the ‘hard questions’ with a group of individuals.  Ray showed a humble yet knowledgeable approach to his work in our college which allowed him to not only postulate his thesis but subsequently defend it.  Ray is not at all an ‘inch deep – mile wide’ presenter.

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St Andrews Christian College

Daniel Muggeridge, Chair of Board of Directors

Ray brings enormous experience to the table across all areas of school leadership. His depth of insight and skill with root cause analysis is matched by capable planning, and by drive, strength and determination... Continue Reading


Grace Baptist Church Tainan

Tony Bourke, Pastor

I found (Ray) to be a leader of the highest calibre, a man of utmost integrity and willing to face any challenge. I have the greatest respect for him and without hesitation confirm that he was the best leader I have ever worked for... Continue Reading


Drouin East Junior Campus of Chairo Christian School

Alison Ayling, Head of Campus

Ray was the first Principal that I had the privilege of working under within the private Christian school system. Ray’s leadership and teaching regarding Christian Worldview in education was life changing for me personally... Continue Reading