Ray Tiller

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Jeanette Woods

Head of Campus, Flinders Christian Community College - Tyabb

​Ray Tiller developed a Professional Learning Program for the college which facilitated a systematic and wide ranging program of review and development for all teaching staff.

This included his Avenues to Teaching Excellence Program, a system developed specifically for Flinders which included training material and all the instruments needed to equip supervisors and colleague coaches with the materials and skills to carry out the program.  There are teachers’ skills rubrics, leaders’ skills rubrics, teacher record books, clinical observation sheets, a bank of strategic professional learning plan items and action research reports.  This fully rounded program became the basis of the college’s teacher review and development.

In the development of all of this, Ray was sensitive to the specific needs of our college and was able to adapt and extend material as required.  This was based on a great number of personal interviews and discussions and the process of consultation was much appreciated by the teaching staff.  For some, it was a refreshing experience to have a ‘listening ear’ and then to experience a professional response to the issues raised.

As we began to put the Professional Learning Program into place, the leaders who were initially concerned that they would have too much of a work load began to rise to the task and find that the professional rewards in being supervisors were great.  Ray was able to train them quickly and continued to expand the program as needs arose.  The bank of Strategic Professional Learning Plan items has expanded to become a useful response tool to any set of needs and is essentially practical and immediately useable.

The outcomes were immediately obvious – greater involvement in classroom teaching, a measurable way to assess teacher quality and performance, the healthy growth of professional sharing of teaching strategies and the quick emergence of identification of weaknesses and areas needing development.  Far from feeling negative about the program, most staff have embraced it and been surprised at the positive outcomes of being a colleague coach as well as being mentored themselves. 

I expect the long term gains to be even greater as the system develops and strengthens within the college and am grateful to Ray for his contribution in one of the most important areas of concern in a school – the quality of the teaching staff.

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