Ray Tiller

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Alison Ayling

Head of Campus, Drouin East Junior Campus of Chairo Christian School

​Ray was the first Principal that I had the privilege of working under within the private Christian school system. As a teacher ‘fresh’ out of ten years working in the public school system, Ray’s leadership and teaching regarding Christian Worldview in education was life changing for me personally. It challenged me to think deeply about the extent to which God’s truths impact on all aspects of my professional teaching life. This included policy writing, curriculum development, classroom management/ discipline strategies as well as conflict resolution in all capacities within a school setting. I realized what a strong impact other worldviews presented to me in my graduate training had had on my teaching. This in turn made me realize how important it was to communicate consistent Christian worldview thinking to students across all levels of a school.

 Participating as a colleague coach in “Avenues To Teaching Excellence” (a professional development program developed by Ray) helped me to work through these things. Ray’s curriculum writing program “The 4Cs of Curriculum Writing” gave me the practical tools with which to approach the writing of curriculum in a Christian School setting. This program has a strong emphasis on ‘thinking the topic through’ from a Christian Worldview perspective. One of the strengths of this program is that it taught me how to rethink my teaching based on God’s word. It encouraged me to be a Christian THINKER as well as Christian BELIEVER.

 As a Head of Campus at Chairo Christian School, I have been able to share the practical skills and understanding of a Christian Worldview with the staff at my campus. In 2008, Ray was invited to the Drouin East Junior Campus of Chairo to conduct an introductory workshop on “Christian Worldview and Thinking.”  His presentation was well articulated, relevant and presented a balanced approach to ‘life as it really happens’ in schools. His passion to see young people find purpose and meaning in life through a saving knowledge of God is both inspiring and strong motivator to practically Ray is a warm and engaging speaker and he was well received by the staff at my campus.

 One of Ray’s strengths as a speaker is his strong theological background and knowledge of worldviews and philosophies balanced with a ‘practical’ understanding of the everyday realities of a working school environment. He is able to tackle ‘challenging’ questions with humility but authority. The workshop Ray ran at Chairo facilitated the ongoing systematic re-writing and appraisal of our campus curriculum from a Christian worldview perspective. Ray’s curriculum writing resource: “4Cs Curriculum Writing Guide” gave staff valuable practical tools with which to approach curriculum planning and writing. I would strongly recommend Ray as a motivational speaker and facilitator.

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