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Principal’s Support - Lightening the Load

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Is your principal needing a little practical support?

From time-to-time, it appears that the principal’s job is just too much for one person to handle.  It is busy enough because of the daily demands and pressures of leading a complex organization, but when special crises arise, principals are often so badly pushed for time and under-resourced that the crisis management debilitates their efficiency in leading the school and produces unhealthy levels of stress and distress.

We can help

Equipping Christian Schools can lighten the load in those special times of crisis, new initiatives, or overwhelming "tight-spots".  Sometimes all that is needed is some friendly advice or being a sounding board around an issue or new initiative.  At other times, there might be a more strategically planned intervention or support process needed to ensure that an issue is dealt with sensitively and avoiding legal or relational pitfalls.  In the big picture, the important thing is that we attend to the the long term well-being of the school and the emotional health and professional growth of the principal.

The support processes that have proven helpful for this purpose include:

  • Acting as a coach, sounding board, debrief partner to the principal.
  • Filling in short-term as “locum” principal in case of principal’s sickness, leave, or need to pursue a time-consuming project.

  • Advising, supporting, or doing the interviews & paperwork related to demanding or sensitive tasks such as: 

            - performance management or dismissal of staff 

            - crisis management; eg, serious problem with student, parent, or  teacher that could have legal or industrial ramifications.

            - advice re application for government funded programs.


If you want further information about support for the principal, please contact Ray Tiller raytiller1950@bigpond.com or phone 0409 646 279

With Ray’s regular support and counsel, we are now half way through our first 2 year cycle. Realising the benefits of the program, teaching staff have asked for the teacher aides at the College to be involved in a similar process...

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