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Principal’s Review & Development Program

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Do you need a process to review your principal’s performance and direct his/her professional growth?

We all agree that school boards are responsible for how well their school is going.  But board members sometimes ask themselves, “How do we know whether our principal is doing a good job?”; or “Are we able to make informed judgments about his/her performance?”;  or “How do we help our principal to continue to grow as a professional and to maintain balance in his/her life?

A practicable solution 

The Avenues Principal’s Appraisal & Development Program provides a process to assess the principal’s performance against a Principal's Proficiencies Rubric and develop a set of professional goals and development plans.

The Principals’ Skills Rubric enables the assessor to pinpoint specific items of performance across the following skill areas: 

  • Engagement with the school mission, Christian belief, lifestyle and worldview

  • Productive engagement with the school board
  • Leadership and professional development of the Staff
  • Effective administration of the school organization
  • Engagement with the school community
  • Leadership of the educational direction,  student culture, business/financial functions, and infrastructure development of the school
  • Maintenance of effective working relationship with government agencies re compliance
  • Expression of Christlike servant Leadership
  • Work-Life balance & personal wholeness

The professional development goals and executive plans are developed in consultation with the school board and the principal.  They are designed to be “rubber on the road” practicable plans to facilitate increase in the skill levels and confidence of the principal.

You may like to look at these sample documents related to the Avenues Principal's Review & Professional Development program:

Equipping Christian Schools support for the Principal’s review and development process can vary according to the requirements and expertise of the school board and whether or not the principal has existing professional support mechanisms.   The support offered can include: 

  • Carrying out the appraisal/review process in consultation with the principal, school board and other relevant stakeholders.

  • Development of the principal’s professional development goals and executive plans in consultation with the principal, school board.  
  • Coaching or mentoring support for the principal during the course of executing the professional development plans.

If you would like to look at what has been done with other Christian schools through this program, you may want to request:

  • Samples of review reports and recommendations, and principals’ professional learning plans
  • Referees from schools which have undergone this review process

Contact Ray Tiller raytiller1950@bigpond.com or phone 0409 646 279 if you want to discuss how this program might be implemented in your school.

Ray came to the school at a time when it required effective and strong leadership as the school was lacking in direction and stability. He developed a leadership structure to meet the current and future needs of the school...

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