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Perfomance Management for Christian School Staff

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A headache -or a legal nightmare?

Under-performing staff can provide quite a headache! The ongoing under-performance of staff members damages the educational competence of your school and the confidence of your school community.  Leaders can feel helpless (sometimes for years!) in effectively disciplining an under-performing staff member or in remedying the performance weaknesses.  In the midst of a crisis caused by the accumulated issues of under-performance, leaders can sometimes react in desperation with unwise and precipitous actions.

... or a legal nightmare! If a school responds to under-performance unwisely or doesn't handle a termination process properly, you can be caught up in legal battles re unfair or illegal dismissal, or a plethora of other community-damaging charges and criticisms such as bullying, discrimination, harassment, or "un-Christian" management.

*** Note: Performance management is not the same thing as appraisal & professional development. If you are looking for the Equipping Christian Schools teacher appraisal & professional development program Click here.

Responding to under-performance effectively, legally, and with Christian grace.

In the best interests of both the under-performing staff member and the school, it is important that under-performance is dealt with promptly and effectively while maintaining justice, dignity, grace and transparency.  Equipping Christian Schools can assist you to deal effectively with under-performance by:

  • Investigating the context and community impact of a staff member’s under-performance, then providing advice for the best way to handle disciplinary action, remedial development, or termination.
  • Appraising the under-performing staff member’s skills and capabilities, then providing a precise set of remedial development requirements and procedures.
  • Assisting the under-performing staff member with the remedial development process, then monitoring his/her progress.
  • Providing policy documents and templates to handle all aspects of performance management including:  proper disciplinary action, remedial development, and termination procedures.
  • Preparation of documents (letters, performance monitoring criteria, termination notices, etc) specific to the staff member and situation in question.

** Click here to read an example of a performance management process developed for "Wiseowl Christian School"


If you would like to discuss your staff performance management needs, please contact Ray Tiller at raytiller1950@bigpond.com or phone 0409 646 279

​Ray Tiller developed a Professional Learning Program for the college which facilitated a systematic and wide ranging program of review and development for all teaching staff...

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