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Emerging Teaching Leaders Development Program 2018

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The needs of emerging teaching leaders

As principals and senior leaders we often see people on our staff who have developed a high level of skills in their teaching, and are showing lots of enthusiasm that is influential on the professional engagement of their peers.  These people have the potential to become energetic and effective leaders and, within the next few years, they will be the ones who provide much of the creative initiative and energy that will take the educational programs and culture of your school to new heights.  

At this stage in their development, these potential leaders need both opportunities to expand their horizons and grow into leadership, and careful guidance to ensure that they learn to understand and practice leadership that is Godly while being effective in contemporary work environments.

A program to equip  emerging leaders

Equipping Christian Schools provides the Emerging Teaching Leaders program to meet this need by:

  • Helping participants to identify, understand, observe and analyze the proficiencies and personal attributes that enable a teaching leader to operate successfully.  The course uses a Teaching Leader's Proficiencies & Attributes Analysis Worksheet (containing details of about 50 principal's proficiencies across 10 proficiency domains) to record observations, discussions and reflections in their interaction with the real-time experiences of experienced leaders. For more advanced emerging leaders, we can also include selected items from the 70 Principal's Proficiencies & Attributes in the Tomorrow's Principals program.

  • Facilitating the growth of participants through individual professional learning plans focussed on each participant’s observed and understood development needs. The participant will use the issues in his/her leadership that have arisen from the reflections on the teaching leaders’ skills analysis and the advice of his/her supervisors, to form and execute a personal professional learning plan.
  • Developing in the participants a theory base for leadership that is consistent with a biblical Christian world and life perspective through direct instruction in a series of lecture/workshops.
  • Exposing  participants to a range of environments that will stimulate their awareness of leadership issues and leadership networks The participants will “breathe the air” of the environment of the leader in a range of situations outside of the school, such as leaders’ conferences, networks meetings, difficult confrontations, legal processes, etc.  Participants will be introduced to other leaders, and discuss with their principals and leaders the issues and processes that make each event functional in the teaching leader’s life.

Program activities:

In the course of one year, participants will be involved in the following activities: 

  • Attend an initial full day to orientate participants to the program, set up the review & research templates, and deliver some input on Christian perspectives of leadership.
  • Attend 2 regional lecture/workshop days to deliver and discuss real-time applications of Christian leadership ideas to practical leadership. .
  • Do leadership proficiencies analysis project with their own leaders – about 10 hourly meetings with one or more of their leaders over 10 weeks.

  • Spend a day in another school to observe and discuss targetted leadership issues with an established teaching leader.      Engage in personal reflection and "360 degree" surveys of their own leadership strengths & development needs.

  • In light of the teaching leaders' proficiency analyses and personal reflection, prepare a draft of personal professional aspirations & goals

  • Personal interview with program facilitator to clarify and set development goals and professional learning strategies.  

  • Carry out the activities in the personal professional learning plan accountable to their own school's leaders.  

  • Review meeting with program facilitator to review progress and refocus for the following 12 months.

  • Participation in events that expose them to the teaching leader’s life and challenges.

As a part of the program (at no extra cost), the principal (or his/her delegates) will also be offered the following services to assist them to work with the course participants in their schools:

  • An orientation meeting to explain the program and deliver helpful resources.

  • Availability of the program leader to answer questions or give advice by telephone

  • One or two courtesy calls to monitor the participants' progress

More Information & Registration

Click here to see the 2016 Emerging Teaching Leaders Program document

Click here to register for the Emerging Teaching Leaders Program


For all inquiries about this program please phone Ray Tiller on 0409 646 279 or email raytiller1950@bigpond.com

Ray came to the school at a time when it required effective and strong leadership as the school was lacking in direction and stability. He developed a leadership structure to meet the current and future needs of the school...

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