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Board Governance - Getting it Right

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​Are you confident that your board governance is functioning well and facilitating a dynamic engagement with your mission and the strategic direction to your school?

You are probably aware that one of the most frequent reasons for dysfunction, limitation of progress, and relational breakdowns in a Christian school community is found in the flawed governance of the school.  The flawed governance causing these problems in a school could include one or more of the following scenarios:

  1. The stale board:  ... 20 years on - board is still just “keeping things going in the way we always have” ....
  2. The dominated board: .. a dominating chair or board member..  his/her power cannot be questioned ...
  3. The out-of-control principal:  ... powerful principal ...  laissez-faire board ...
  4. The micro-managing board: ... board responsible for every decision, policy, and event ....

  5. Ill-defined board principal roles: ... never properly defined roles and responsibilities of the principal ...
  6. The unskilled board: ... little experience of running schools ... or skills in what governance requires ..
  7. The board that is losing the “DNA” of its foundations: ...  “we seem to have lost our way ...”

** If you want to do a quick reflective check re your own board with a fuller description of the “symptoms” of board governance malfunction and their disabling results, click here to read "Scenarios showing board governance malfunction"

So what can be done to improve a board's governance function?

The good news is that all of these “malfunctions” can be dealt with, and any board can be improved by some instruction and the processing of good principles and practices of good governance that are founded on the Christian mission of your school and the heart of Christian faith and worldview.  To help your board to make progress in getting your school governance right, Equipping Christian Schools offers the following services:

1. Board function appraisal::  We can visit your school for one or two days, and interview key stakeholders (eg: principal, board members, parents, ...) with pre-notified interview questions based on the "Governing Board Proficiencies Rubric" .  (If a board prefers, they can use the new "board self-appraisal tool" which has been developed from the board proficiencies rubric.)  Out of the “picture” formed of the board's strengths and development needs, we can advise your board re a development process that is specifically tailored to  enhance their governance function and effectiveness.

2. Board self- appraisal: Your board may wish to embark on a self-appraisal of its functions and skills.  The "Christian School Board Self-Appraisal Tool" is available for board use. Click here to see a sample. After the self-appraisal, the board may wish to embark on a development program to  enhance their governance function and effectiveness

3. School Board Handbook:   Equipping Christian Schools can can work with your board to create a  Board Operational Handbook to suit your school’s constitution and governance structure.

4. Board instruction:  After undergoing a “board function” appraisal, the understandings and skills referred to in the School Board Handbook form the basis for a 5 – 6 hour workshop tailored to address your boards development needs.

5. Board “mentoring”: The board and/or the board chair may desire for a period to have some “mentoring” that might include:

  • Discussing progress and big-picture issues

  • Advice & Trouble-shooting

*** If you want to chat about how Equipping Christian Schools might help your board with these matters, please contact Ray Tiller at raytiller1950@bigpond.com or phone 0409 646 279

I found (Ray) to be a leader of the highest calibre, a man of utmost integrity and willing to face any challenge. I have the greatest respect for him and without hesitation confirm that he was the best leader I have ever worked for...

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