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School Culture Assessment and Improvement

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​Your school's culture is like an iceberg - a bit that is visible and an awful lot going on underneath that has an enormous influence on the success of the mission of your school! 

The culture of a school determines how well your school helps your students to develop into successful people who will live Godly lives and have the capacity to transform their community.  Your school's culture is developed and maintained among your leaders, staff, and students and then it becomes the vehicle that carries the school's spiritual character and values which will form the young people's lives, values, and motivation.

Equipping Christian Schools has just developed a school culture self-assessment tool that will give you some broad-based, objective feedback about the state of the culture of your school.  This data will give you the opportunity to consider a well-informed improvement.and development  strategy for your school's culture.  

The tool helps you to examine 4 critical areas of school culture-setting and maintenance through a rubric-based online survey of your staff and a few selected parents and students.  The culture areas for examination are:

1.  The culture of the principal's and senior leaders' leadership of the staff.

2.  The spiritual culture of the school

3.  The culture of the staff's leadership of classroom and playground

4.  The culture of student leadership

If you would like to look at the rubric questions that are used in the online assessment tool, click here.

If you would like to do the free online self-assessment of your school's culture, please contact Ray Tiller by email (raytiller1950@bigpond.com) or phone (0409646279) and we will set up the online tool for your school.  After we collect the data, we will provide you with a "no-obligation" summary analysis of the areas of your school culture that might need some attention.  We will also provide some suggestions about how we might assist you with your school culture improvement and development.

We trust you find this tool helpful in your pursuit of a healthy and productive Christian school culture.

​Ray assisted the board at Mountain District Christian School in carrying out our first formal appraisal of our new Principal. His attention to detail as well as his understanding of the bigger picture were fantastic...

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