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Appraisal & Professional Development for Teachers

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Is teacher training and in-service professional learning adequate?

There is a growing concern in the community that aspects of teacher training and in-service professional development is inadequate to ensure that our teachers are growing in professional competence and/or in their capacity to coherently express their teaching in the context of biblical Christianity.  Further, the National Professional Standards for Teachers and the States' teachers' institutes (in the context of international educational research and reporting) are placing increasing demands for accountability in the professional development and professional performance of the education industry.  

An in-service teacher professional learning program for Christian schools

Avenues to Teaching Excellence is a practicable, cost-effective, school-based program that equips local school leaders to oversee and implement the appraisal of teachers' skills against a teaching skills rubric that is both Christian in orientation and mapped to the National Professional Standards for Teachers.  The Avenues appraisal is then used to develop an individualized practical and accountable professional learning program for each teacher.

Teachers in schools using the Avenues to Teaching Excellence program are engaged in an effective ongoing professional learning cycle that enriches their teaching, helps them to grow professionally and ensures that the school is effectively fulfilling its mission. 

The Avenues to Teaching Excellence provides: 

Published Materials:

Avenues to Teaching Excellence Program:  Each program is tailored to the individual, school to provide targeted professional development for teachers by appraisal against a comprehensive Teaching Skills Rubric and an accountable goal orientated Professional Learning program.  

Avenues to Teaching Excellence Introduction & Training Workshops:

Equipping Christian Schools can provide support for schools including:

  • School leaders introduction to the Avenues to Teaching Excellence programs (1½ - 2 hours).

  • Teachers’ orientation to Avenues to Teaching Excellence program (1½ - 2 hours).
  • Training of Supervisors & Colleague Coaches (3 hours)
  • Monitoring and assistance with the program roll out.

School Support for the Avenues to Teaching Excellence program: 

  • Visits & telephone support to Professional Development coordinator

  • Monitoring visits with supervisors 
  • Support/follow up workshops with teachers
  • Applications & accountability processes if school wishes to pursue a professional development grants.
  • Assistance with accreditation for highly accomplished and lead teacher status.


If you want further information about appraisal and professional development for Christian school teachers, please contact Ray Tiller at raytiller1950@bigpond.com or phone 0409 646 279

With Ray’s regular support and counsel, we are now half way through our first 2 year cycle. Realising the benefits of the program, teaching staff have asked for the teacher aides at the College to be involved in a similar process...

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