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Equipping Christian Schools is dedicated to assist Christian school boards, leaders and teachers to develop the Christian perspectives, values, and skills needed to pursue their mission of effective Christian education.


Applying Christian faith and a biblical worldview to our work

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Our need for strengthening our biblical Christian worldview:

Our schools are staffed, led and governed by sincere Christian people.  But many of these good people struggle to understand the application of their faith and biblical thinking to the details of teaching, leading or planning and monitoring the big picture of the school's operations.  If we are not confident in our understanding and application of biblical Christian faith and worldview, our Christian schools can sometimes be in danger of failing to give our students a curriculum and culture which is alive with the the relevance and exciting dynamic of a coherent biblical Christian faith and worldview... we may even fail to properly fulfill our real mission in Christian schooling!

What can we do?

Equipping Christian Schools provides a number of inspirational and informative programs (based on the text Rubber on the Road Christian Thinking) to help staff, leaders and governors to embrace a biblical Christian understanding of the issues of life, learning and community, and to apply them to the mission and operations of their school. The programs are designed to be presented to school boards, leaders, and/or staffs in a variety of time-frames and contexts. 

In the last few years, many Christian schools' staff, leaders, and board members have been refreshed and challenged when they are presented with what their faith and biblical Christian worldview really say about what we are doing with young people. Sessions that have been popular in various school settings include:

  • The "taster" session:  A 90 - 120 minute “whet-your-appetite” session aimed at inspiring the staff and/or board in the critical importance of the real mission that God has called Christian schools to engage in.  This session will challenge participants to question their current practice and consider developing their capacities to more comprehensively teach and lead from a biblical Christian perspective.

  • The “retreat” program:  Five to eight 60 - 90 minute sessions designed for a staff retreat or PD day(s).  This program will enthuse and empower people in making their profession consistent with their biblical Christian faith and worldview.   This program is usually preceded by some "homework" reading and reflection exercises for participants. 
  • The study-group program:  After either the "taster" or "retreat" program presentations, a staff can meet in weekly small group sessions using the book  Rubber on the Road Christian Thinking and its Study Guide.  10 – 15 weeks is usually enough to complete the process.  Some teachers are keen to pursue the Rubber on the Road Christian Thinking curriculum writing process  after they have completed the study group process.  

Other combinations or “versions” of these presentations can be tailored to meet the school’s needs.

To discuss your school's needs, contact Ray Tiller raytiller1950@bigpond.com or phone 0409 646 279

​Ray Tiller developed a Professional Learning Program for the college which facilitated a systematic and wide ranging program of review and development for all teaching staff...

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