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School Leadership Restructure and Team Development

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Is the leadership team in good shape?

The leadership team is a key to the health and productivity of the school.  But sometimes we find that our leadership teams have grown "rusty”, uninspired, tired, confused, or that they have fallen into unproductive “ruts” in their leadership through one or more of the following common consequences of time and growth:

  • Leadership structures and/or lines of authority, communication or accountability have become complicated, blurred, or impracticable.
  • Leaders or potential leaders are feeling uninspired or frustrated and maybe, are looking to find more rewarding positions in other schools.
  • Some of the people in the school’s leadership positions appear to be somewhat dysfunctional, maybe because they are not in the right position. 
  • The exercise of leadership has grown stale with the effect that the school staff and culture has lost its vibrant, expectant, creative forward-moving atmosphere.   

Restructuring and "re-firing" the leadership team

Equipping Christian Schools offers some programs and processes to refresh, restructure, and reinvigorate the school leadership team including:

1.     An analysis of the effectiveness of current leadership structures, personnel, and placement.  This analysis can be followed up with recommendations for productive and life-giving restructure of the leadership team & processes.

2.    Impartation of life-giving leadership principles & skills through sessions and projects that generate a theoretical framework and practical applications such as:

** Contact Ray Tiller raytiller1950@bigpond.com or phone 0409 646 279 to discuss these programs.

Ray brings enormous experience to the table across all areas of school leadership. His depth of insight and skill with root cause analysis is matched by capable planning, and by drive, strength and determination...

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