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Equipping Christian Schools is dedicated to assist Christian school boards, leaders and teachers to develop the Christian perspectives, values, and skills needed to pursue their mission of effective Christian education.


History and Vision

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The Genesis of "Equipping Christian Schools":

After 3 decades of leading Christian schools and in 3 different Australian states and consulting with school leaders and boards throughout Australia, Ray became aware of some concerns for the state and future of Christian schooling.  Christian schooling has become numerically stronger, materially more wealthy, educationally more competent, and more accepted as "mainstream" education providers.  However, we face some fundamental threats to our capacity to fulfill God's call to us to prepare the next generation to be highly skilled, and to serve God by being vehicles of His grace and wisdom to influence the communities they will one day lead.  The pressures that power this danger include:

  • Very few of our schools have a curriculum that comprehensively and consistently expresses a biblical Christian worldview.
  • Many of the pioneering generation of leaders are being replaced by leaders who have had limited exposure to a pioneering vision of Christian schooling, and little purposeful training as Christian school leaders.
  • Many of our governing boards are a generation disconnected from the founding boards, and some have not put in place strategies to preserve the "DNA" of the school's founding  mission and vision and express it dynamically in today's setting.
  • Today, education worldwide is under public scrutiny and is subject to increasing accountability from governments.  In Australia we face escalating demands regarding national curriculum and professional standards.  Whereas they are not bad in themselves, these demands expend much of the time and energy of our staff and leaders.  Consequentially, in many Christian schools, there is little attention given to the development of a comprehensive Christian response to the requirements of curriculum and professional standards.

To address these issues, Ray has been working to develop Equipping Christian Schools as an effective vehicle to bring a comprehensively Christian context to assist Christian school boards, teachers, and leaders to be best equipped to achieve what God has called them to do - the thorough preparation of the next generation to skilfully bring to their communities the wisdom and grace of God so that they make a significant and wholesome contribution to the well-being of this nation.

The currently offered programs include:

1. For Teachers
  • Orientation to an understanding of a biblical Christian worldview
  • Training in writing curriculum from a biblical Christian worldview perspective
  • Teacher skills appraisal and professional learning programs
2. For Leaders
  • Training in understanding and practising Christian leadership with the "Genius of Jesus"
  • Leadership skills appraisal and professional learning program
  • Analysis, restructure and refreshment of leadership team structure and function
3. For Principals
  • Principals proficiencies appraisal and professional learning program
  • Principals mentoring
4. For Boards
  • Review of school effectiveness in pursuing its vision and mission
  • Appraisal of board proficiencies and board development
  • Strategic planning

The vision for the future of "Equipping Christian Schools"

As the programs become established, and the needs of Christian schools are more clearly understood, Ray plans to partner with other experienced Christian education professionals who have a congruent vision for the growth and well-being of Christian schools.

Ray came to the school at a time when it required effective and strong leadership as the school was lacking in direction and stability. He developed a leadership structure to meet the current and future needs of the school...

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