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2016 Fees Schedule

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2016 Fees schedule


1.  Fees for Time

  • Daily Rate - $800 per day (for visits to schools)

  • Hourly Rate  - $90 per hour (for work done from home)

2.  Preparation fee   

  • The preparation for existing programs,seminars and workshops is covered by the daily rate. 
  • If programs need to be adjusted or created, preparation will be charged at the hourly rate
  • For other projects, preparation will be charged at the hourly rate 

3.  Accommodation    

  • Accommodation, if required, will be invoiced at cost.

4.  Travel Costs

  • Personal vehicle costs -  $0.60 per km
  • Airfares, bus and train fares and hire car, (if required) will be invoiced at cost.
  • Travel time may be charged for sessions that are less than half a day. Otherwise travel time will not be an extra cost but will be covered by the rate charged for the service.


All services and materials will be invoiced to the school unless otherwise arranged.  Invoices will be itemized to include:

  • Fees for delivery of seminars, workshops, or consulting.

  • Preparation, writing, research fee where appropriate
  • Materials costs where appropriate
  • Travelling & Accommodation costs

**  Please note that no GST will be charged on invoices as I am not yet registered for GST

I found (Ray) to be a leader of the highest calibre, a man of utmost integrity and willing to face any challenge. I have the greatest respect for him and without hesitation confirm that he was the best leader I have ever worked for...

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