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The Genius of Jesus in Leadership 2016 - Two-day Intensive

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Venue: Venue yet to be decided
Date: Dates yet to be decided
Time: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm both days
Speaker: Ray Tiller
Meals: Morning Tea and Lunch included
Cost: $300

Event Summary

The Genius of Jesus in Leadership intensive is delivered as seven 90-minute seminar/workshop session over two days.  The sessions provide opportunity for discussion and building long-term relationships with other school leaders.

The sessions' content includes:

    Session 1:  The servant leadership paradigm - how to apply Jesus idea of servant leadership (Matt 20) to real-life leadership in a school.

    Session 2:  Leadership that facilitates creative initiative while maintaining unity & alignment.

    Session 3:  Creating a safe staff culture - how we can avoid crushing or abusing those we lead, and ensure that we release, enrich, and equip them for productive service.

    Session 4:  Keeping ahead of division & sabotage - how to handle prickliness & dissonance.

    Session 5:  Professional relationships that build leadership capacity - how to identify and engage with people who will build your maturity as a leader.

    Session 6:  Handling the power - explore the benefits and danger of the power of: position, personality, ability to reward and punish, competence, and character

    Session 7:  Distributed leadership - effective leadership through recognizing and releasing the capacities of others.


Contact Ray Tiller raytiller1950@bigpond.com, or phone 0409 646 279 if you have questions about these programs.

​Ray Tiller answered the call in August 2007 to be the main speaker and leader in our inaugural Staff Retreat. Ray’s brief was to introduce the staff to a framework for Christian Worldview...

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