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Equipping Christian Schools is dedicated to assist Christian school boards, leaders and teachers to develop the Christian perspectives, values, and skills needed to pursue their mission of effective Christian education.


Do you want some tools in your Christmas stocking?

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Do you want some tools in your Christmas stocking?

Equipping Christian Schools is offering you a complimentary e-copy of one of the following Christian school equipping tools:.

For the board chair:

  • Board Self Assessment Tool - a rubric of board governance knowledge and skills that will help your board to assess where they are up to across some 80 governance skill items.

For the principal:

  • Christian School Principal’s Professional Proficiencies Rubric - Principals can use this tool describing some 85 principal's skills referenced to the Australian Professional Standards for Principals, to measure their proficiency and effectiveness.
  • Staff Performance Management Program and Exemplars - this is a templated tool to develop the policies and safe practices for dealing decisively and redemptively with staff under-performance and misdemeanour.
  • Christian School Culture Assessment Tool - a rubric that can be used to identify the state of the school's culture in areas of Christian values, leadership, nurturing, trust, the teaching/learning culture, student leadership, creativity, etc.

For your teaching leaders:

  • The Proficiencies Rubric for a Christian Teaching Leader’s Professional Practice - a tool to assess the teaching leader's proficiency against some 50 leadership skill items.

For your teachers

  • Developing Your Christian Curriculum Unit -  a templated tool for writing curriculum units that express a Christian worldview and faith while being compatible with the Australian National Curriculum.
  • Rubric of Teaching Skill Item Descriptors for the Christian Teacher’s Professional Practice - a tool for assessing teacher proficiency by using a rubric of some 150 teacher skills referenced against the Australian National Professional Standards for Teachers.

If you would like to receive an e-copy of one of these tools, please email me and I will send it by return email.

​Ray assisted the board at Mountain District Christian School in carrying out our first formal appraisal of our new Principal. His attention to detail as well as his understanding of the bigger picture were fantastic...

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