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Is Australian Christian Schooling still transformative in 2015?

The latest "wave" of Christian schooling in Australia is now 30 - 35 years old. In amongst its obvious successes, has Christian schooling continued to be effective in its community transformative mission?

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An Eclectic Jesus?

The philosophers and poets had a point (but missed the core truth!)

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School Improvement - will the NSIT do the job?

The National School Improvement Tool is designed to help us with with professionalism and quality, but using it alone may cause us to miss some key aspects of what God commissioned us to do.

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Toxic workplace? What to do if I am the leader who seems to be causing it.

The reactions and responses of the people we lead sometimes indicate that we are leading them in an inconsiderate (or maybe even an abusive, abrasive or emotionally toxic) way. We can (and should) do something about it.

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Toxic workplace? What to do if one of the leaders under me is being toxic.

As a board member or senior leader, you may be concerned that a leader under you is treating people in an abusive, abrasive, or emotionally toxic manner. You can (and should) do something about it ...

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Toxic workplace?  What to do if I am affected by toxic leadership.

If you are suffering the effects of abrasive, bullying, or severely emotionally toxic attitudes or actionsof your boss, there are some things you can (and should) do about it ...

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Dealing with Toxic Leadership - some helpful books

Are you looking for some good resources on identifying and dealing with toxic leadership, and building Godly culture? There are some excellent books to help you with this issue. *

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Would you like to take the “abrasive boss” test?

Examine your leadership to see whether there may be "abrasive" aspects to your leadership that may have "toxic" effects on your staff.

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Do you want some tools in your Christmas stocking?

Equipping Christian schools offers subscribers a complimentary e-copy of one of the Christian schools equipping tools.

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​ How do we teach our students about disasters and suffering?

This article addresses a Christian perspective of the difficult question of the suffering resulting from disease, global warming, floods, fires, storms, earthquakes, droughts, famines, etc.

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Has your Christian school drifted away from what you want it to be?

Using a revflective evaluation tool to help school boards and leaders to think through the trends they see in their own schools and to decide which trends should be encouraged and which ones should be strategically modified or reversed.

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Principal Evaluation

Unless we have effective evaluation systems in place that accurately differentiate good principal's performance, we simply can't even discern whether we have effective principals.

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Bob writes a Christian curriculum unit

​We peek over the window ledge and see Bob, science teacher for year 8, labouring at his desk preparing a science unit on “metamorphosis”. Bob is using the “Rubber on the Road Christian Thinking” template to prepare his curriculum unit.

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Too busy to stop, think, and rebuild??

If I am too busy meeting the daily tasks and challenges to step back and evaluate, I will be condemned to being busy with those things forever! Take time and use resources to evaluate and "recommission" your work.

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ACARA, The National Curriculum and Christian perspectives

Make your new national curriculum Christian - use ACARA's three-dimensional method!!

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The Golden Circle

Simon Sinek's "golden circle" - a great exercise to make the main thing the main thing in your life and mission.

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The College has greatly appreciated the very high level of educational leadership provided by Ray. His breadth of experience, understanding of educational pedagogy and practice, and wisdom have been highly valued...

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