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Ray Tiller has over 3 decades of experience in pioneering and leading Australian Christian schools and during that time he has consulted with numerous school leaders, boards and staff all over Australia. Ray has also pursued extensive reading, research and writing in Christian schooling, particularly Christian orientation and leadership. With these experiences, he offers a range of support and equipping resources for Christian school leaders, boards, and staff.

Ray & Libby Tiller
Ray & Libby Tiller

Ray is married to Libby and currently lives in south-east Melbourne. Ray and Libby have five children and seven grandchildren.

Ray has been an educational leader in Australian schools since the 1970's, serving in 4 different states in both government and private schools. 

Since 1979, Ray has contributed to the development of the Christian schooling sector, having been either principal or senior leader in several Christian schools in NSW, Queensland and Victoria.  He is the author of several publications for Christian educators including Rubber on the Road Christian Thinking, the 4C’s Curriculum Writing Program, and the Avenues to Teaching Excellence professional development series.

Ray’s particular passion for the last three decades has been to pursue the development of Christian schooling in Australia that will educate  generations of young people to equip them to embody the wisdom and grace of God in bringing a positive influence to their communities.  In the pursuit of this goal, in addition to developing the schools he has led, Ray has advised boards and leaders of other schools, assisted with school restructures, run training seminars in Christian curriculum development and leadership, and developed practical approaches to curriculum development and professional learning in Christian schools.

The College has greatly appreciated the very high level of educational leadership provided by Ray. His breadth of experience, understanding of educational pedagogy and practice, and wisdom have been highly valued...

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