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Equipping Christian Schools is dedicated to assist Christian school boards, leaders and teachers to develop the Christian perspectives, values, and skills needed to pursue their mission of effective Christian education.


Equipping Christian Schools

We equip Christian school boards, principals, leaders and teachers for effectiveness in their mission.

The mission of Equipping Christian Schools is to assist Christian school boards, leaders and teachers to develop the perspectives, values, and skills to  pursue their mission of effective Christian education.

The Equipping Christian Schools programs and support services are designed to assist Christian schools' governors, teachers and leaders to be best equipped to achieve what God has called them to do - the thorough preparation of the next generation to skilfully bring to their communities the wisdom and grace of God so that they make a significant, wholesome, and transforming contribution to the well-being of this nation.

As a school leader or board member, you will undoubtedly be aware of your needs and those of your school and its staff for direction, growth, and development. You may be interested in some of the programs and support services offered by Equipping Christian Schools - they include: 

  • Assistance for boards in reviewing their principal, the mission and performance of their school, and the proficiency of their governance, then providing strategic advice and support to take the school forward.
  • Developing the understanding and application of a biblical Christian faith and worldview to the culture and curriculum of the school.
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of the leadership structures and "spiritual" mode of operation of the leadership of the school, and providing advice, instruction, coaching and support to move the school forward.
  • Appraisal of the proficiency of teachers, leaders, and principals against comprehensive proficiencies rubrics, and the development of goal-focussed professional learning programs.

For more detail of the all of the Equipping Christian Schools programs click here.

If you would like to discuss how any of the programs might be applied in your school, or any other aspect of the work of Equipping Christian Schools, please contact Ray Tiller by email or phone me on 0409 646 279.   

I look forward to working with you to enrich your school's capacity to productively fulfill its mission.

Ray Tiller

Equipping Christian Schools

Email: raytiller1950@bigpond.com

Phone:  0409 646 279

Ray was the first Principal that I had the privilege of working under within the private Christian school system. Ray’s leadership and teaching regarding Christian Worldview in education was life changing for me personally...

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